Want to Be Heard? Creative Messaging...continued

Your Values Are Visible Too

My work style emphasizes ethical values, conceptual knowledge, multicultural understanding, and critical thinking skills needed for clients to achieve their full messaging potential. To change one’s perspective and think creatively, I remind them, is evidence of being an alive, flexible, adaptable human being who constantly receives information, assembles and reassembles it, and thinks critically. Though people are always looking for the familiar in a message, they paradoxically also like novel ideas. Permitting ourselves—even encouraging ourselves—confusion in the process of finding the right approach can be a route to re-evaluation and clarification. Allowing dissolution to take place often means new awareness will follow. You must, in other words, approach your messaging, mindfully. You can't always be in a hurry. Good messages take time to develop.

As human beings our minds are full of incongruous feelings, thoughts, and ideas. This is precisely what defines us as being human. The complexity of our lives as relating beings is further complicated by the fact that every person with whom we connect is as complex as we are. What results, in the words of Theodore Rubin, is a “… vast storehouse of human substance capable of infinite combinations.” Change is characteristic of the human condition, and it is frequently confusion that leads us to the best use of our unique capacity to learn and grow. Again, Rubin states, confusion “…is, in fact, the germinating ground for the creative methods unique to man that make us so adaptable. This very complexity of feelings, these very ambiguities and inconsistencies, make it possible to survive and to survive as the most interpreting, relating, and communicating creatures on earth. This makes us the symbol-reading and writing creatures we are. This makes us the unique inventors, creators, and users of medicines, machinery, and all the other materials we have developed as tools for living.” These facts help make us both effective makers and receivers of symbolic interaction--they are equally effective in making us both good producers and consumers.

I realize sometimes marketers and communicators must create quickly, on the fly. But I think we can also train ourselves to be both fast and creative by stretching our critical thinking muscles (or hiring other people to do it for us!) My work is not about hype, about giving you what is only popular (and possibly on its way out), or what you've already decided you'll say if you haven't been able to take the time to really think about the objectives you began with. I believe in letting you know who I am and what I think about issues beyond the boardroom while clearly respecting your own views. As Parker Palmer has suggested, we learn best from those we trust to speak their true minds. These assets, I believe are among those that make me an effective professional. The practice of dialogue trains us all to expand our minds, our tolerance, and our ability to effectively express our ideas. Along with creativity, honesty, and principle-based ethics, I count among my superior values fairness, compassion, and a drive toward continuous improvement. “Good Listener” and “perceptive” are descriptors my clients frequently use to describe me.


In summary, my professional approach is pragmatic, interactive, and creative—helping clients to practice the rhetorical arts more effectively, while developing an appreciation for the dynamic creative impulse that all of us share--producer and consumer alike. I am dedicated to applying the critical thinking skills, particularly those associated with effective symbol-making in dynamic fields that are becoming more and more visually focused, that will make you or your organization a better communicator. I encourage transformative, adaptive, and integrative thinking among my clients. It is my goal to help you grow into a creator of meaningful messages by offering a wide range of possibilities that can broaden your perceptions and develop your capacity not just to produce effective communication products now but to explore and impose patterns for your future as an active change agent. It is my wish to assist your organization  in the process of finding its voice and a place for your business or product in the world.

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