February 10, 2015

Florida Competes Asks You to Help Fight Discrimination

Did you know that in Florida someone can be fired from their job or kicked out of their home simply because they are gay or transgender?

It’s true, and it’s wrong. No one in our state should have to live in fear of losing their livelihood just because of who they are or who they love.

Florida Competes is a grassroots campaign aimed at passing the Florida Competitive Workforce Act, which would bar discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations against LGBT people.

Take a stand against discrimination right now/ add your name to the petition.
Join The Campaign!

Florida Competes is working to build support for this critical legislation in Tallahassee. Every name added to the petition makes a big difference.
Not only is discrimination against LGBT people unfair – it’s also bad for business and hurts our state’s ability to attract top talent and compete nationally and globally. That’s why some of Florida’s largest employers – companies like Winn-Dixie, CSX and Walt Disney – are a part of this effort to update Florida’s non-discrimination laws. 
P.S. For another way to connect with the campaign, “like” Florida Competes on
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