June 24, 2013

FORGET THE FILM, WATCH THE TITLES: French filmmaker makes title sequence a tribute to Hitchcock

In the short film “A Tribute To Alfred Hitchcock,” French title designer Jean-Baptiste Lefournier creates a series of simple title designs for a selection of Hitchcock films with music by Paris-based composer Cyril Balta.

Lefournier is an art director and digital filmmaker based in Paris at Ghostlayer. He also maintains a blog at http://mentalshores.tumblr.com.  Ghostlayer, says Lefournier, is his secret identity. 

“It's partly a tribute to Ghost in the Shell, the animated movie, and it also refers to the alpha layer in digital compositing, which is sometimes invisible yet can be revealed and is thus a “ghost layer.” 

A Tribute To Alfred Hitchcock from Jean-Baptiste Lefournier on Vimeo.

Filmmaker Jean-Baptiste Lefournier
Lefournier trained in graphic design at ESAG-PENNINGHEN Paris. He has designed interactive work from video games to corporate films to motion pictures for fashion brands such as Issey Miyake, Cartier, and Lancaster. 

His passion for title sequences started when he was shown Kyle Cooper's SE7EN opening titles in art school. 

“From that day on, I considered title design as an art form,” says Lefournier whose favorite studios are Imaginary Forces and Prologue. Some of his favorite title sequences include GATTACA, Catch Me If You Can, Zombieland, 300, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and the end credits of Iron Man. 

Another of Lefournier's passions is editing personal travel diaries from trips to the US shores or South East Asia, some of which you can watch on his website. 

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