March 27, 2013

Organimize Me

Sometimes I find technology makes me anxious and I wonder if I should go back to hand-cranking some of my routine tasks.

Take the good old fashioned day planner for instance. The great thing about the Franklin Planners we used to carry around in the 1990s with our lives crammed into their messy pages was that the day planner was a very visual system you could read by simply opening a book. And putting ink to a page was in many ways easier than sliding your iPad back on out of sleep, swiping to the appropriate app whose icon resembles 10 other icons, and then clicking several buttons to get to a keyboard built for pixies. Ditto to get to the screen that reminds you what you are supposed to be doing at any given hour on any given day.

In other words, you have to admit the antique codex was an amazing invention for its time. If only it hadn't been so bulky to lug around all day. Plus, admittedly, you were always forgetting your leather-bound planner in some popular meeting room and having to knock on the door to retrieve it later in the day: "Excuse me, I misplaced my life somewhere in here."

So, yes. I love my MacBook Pro, my iPad, and especially my drives me nuts that my week-at-glance is the size of a credit card on the device I carry with me. Yes it's bright and shiny and pretty, but I also have to fight off the alerts and ads that are simultaneously demanding my ADD attention. And this frustration with small text gets worse as your eyes get tired throughout the day and your vision prescription gets more serious throughout the years--especially as you are multitasking and scanning the modern jungle in 12 different directions to do 500 different tasks at once.

So...I typically find myself, after trying out the latest and greatest calendar/planner app, returning yet again to a piece of 8.5 x 11 paper I can read at a glance without the use of a magnifying glass. Good worksheets that I can customize are difficult to find, however. I have located several at last and I still have my appointments and my long-range TO-DO list on my phone, but I carry a piece of paper that is my week-at-a-glance on a clipboard throughout much of the day.

If you have met with my same frustrations, you might want to check out this free PDF providing a variety of planner pages you can print on your own PC's printer. They are set up in booklet size, but can be printed large by selecting the sizing option "Fit to Page" in your printer's dialogue box.

Thanks to Douglas Johnston of for creating these templates.


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