May 1, 2017

Elegant Content, Creative Solutions, Impact You Can Bank On


You may be a genius at what you do but if your message isn't being seen or heard you won't be at it for long. Genius requires an audience, and in today's market you need to develop a distinctive voice with a visual identity that speaks loudly out of the digital cacophony and media kaleidoscope. It may be all about social media, but tools like infographics, blogs, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest also require a distinctive visual component and creative "look at me" approaches to get your prospects' attention. And, you need to marry that come-hither look with sticky content that keeps the prospect in your back pocket. That's what I'm here to help you do.

I've been creating get-noticed visual content for marketers for close to 25 years, and I can help your organization refine its voice to reach and persuade any targeted market of the value of your products and services. I've developed a distinctive approach for unique clients like Saturn and arts organizations, focusing on professional communication to increase exposure with direct authenticity, using both established and yet-unheard-of approaches that can make visual and social messaging work for your business, too. 

Let me work for you.

I'd love to assist your organization in the process of finding its voice and visual identity as well as a place in the world through the messages we craft together. I'll quickly study and understand your market to deliver approaches that best fit your objectives and your audience's specific desires. I work with clients to brainstorm original campaigns and on "bespoke creations" with the executive who already knows what he or she wants. With my extensive experience in managing relationships, understanding and teaching effective communication strategies, advanced writing performance, public relations know-how, digital expertise, and hands-on experience in design and multimedia practices, we can brainstorm miracles together and take your business to its deserved level of wow!

I also provide fully researched and sophisticatedly designed infographics 
under the imprint "Khangeroo."

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Kaitlin Hanger, Miami Beach FL