September 24, 2010

The Problem with For-Profit "Universities"

Neoliberalism and the For-Profit, Predatory Educational Industry: You Can't Regulate a Criminal Enterprise

by: Danny Weil, t r u t h o u t | Report

You might have been following Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and his department's attempts to reign in the for-profit universities and colleges for their criminal activities. Perhaps you recognize some of these for-profit universities and colleges, for they are well known due to their marketing and are heavily traded on the stock market - DeVry (ticker: DV), Grand Canyon Education (LOPE), as Apollo Group (APOL), ITT Educational Services (ESI), Kaplan (WOP) and Strayer Education (STRA). There are literally thousands of these schools in existence and most are online schools with office fronts that act as administration centers for the whole for-profit syndicate.

The Department of Education (DOE), after a 2010 Government Accounting Office (GAO) sting operation that unveiled the vile tactics of 15 of these predatory institutions, says it wants to adopt new regulations that would rein in the for-profit educational industry. Yet, this is not the first time the "industry" has been caught with its pants down and its fists full of dirty money. Earlier, in 2009, another GAO investigation was launched and similar acts of criminality were found (United States Government Accountability Office, Proprietary Schools: Stronger Department of Education Oversight needed to help ensure only eligible students receive financial aid, August 2009,).

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See also: "Drive-by predatory colleges put students into debt purgatory and deficits into the stratosphere," Truth-Out" April 11, 2010, Weil, Danny.

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